1944 Burning Bridges 1.5.1

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1944 Burning Bridges is a historical tactical strategy from HandyGames on Android. The game invites you to participate in the classic Normandy coast operation or to try to rewrite the history of WWII. Play as a commander of the allied troops or Nazis. In the game 1944 Burning Bridges, you have to command your troops and equipment in step-by-step, you need to attack the enemy from fortified fortifications or give commands to soldiers to dig around and control the position. Expect the exciting fights, where your military force will be upgraded. Each unit has a special grid of cells. Each detachment or technician in your squad can make one move, for a certain distance, depending on what the unit is. Earn money for fulfilling destroyed enemy equipment and soldiers, with virtual coins you can heal the wounds or increase your army to win all battles.