Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.2

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Download Aliens Drive Me Crazy for free

Play one of the most popular games today! Aliens Drive Me Crazy is an absolute blast. You need to save the world from an alien invasion by destroying their base. Play as the survivors of the planet, who have to fight on their way through the city to get to the bosses of the invader’s forces. You don’t have to hold back as you blast through all the obstacles that get in your way. This chaotic game provides maximum entertainment for those, who are fond of the action-adventure genre.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Show those aliens that Earth belongs to humans and that there is no place for hostile alien species on this planet. By defeating your extraterrestrial enemies, you’ll get access to new powerful weapons, power-ups, boosters and cars. By Unlocking all the special items will help you enjoy this journey even more! You have the ability to customize your characters and cars as you play.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

The experience will become even more entertaining once you invite your friends to play this game and see who reaches a higher score. The rules of the game are simple – create as much trouble for the alien invaders as you can. This fun game features simple controls so that the player can enjoy it without worrying too much about its mechanics. Use your skills to save the world from the alien threat!