Altos Adventure 1.6.0

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Alto’s Adventure is a great mix of platform arcades and racers with atmospheric graphics and colorful stitching. Caution! The game provokes total addiction from the first minutes.The main gaming protagonist is a snowboarder Alto. Mess, financial losses and total hopelessness surround him. But the situation needs to be somehow corrected. All levels are generated, with no repetitions. The landscape is an alternation of slopes of varying degrees of steepness, gorges and scattered obstacles. Springboards are stretched over the abyss of ropes, treacherous boulders. The only way to get an extra speed is to make stunts in the jump. There are magnets allowing for 10 or more seconds to collect all coins on your way. The only “rider of the Apocalypse” whose set off for Alto in pursuit, could deliver many problems.