Angry Birds Epic 2.8.27220.4691

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It would be tough to find somebody, who didn’t hear about Angry Birds. This installment is an RPG that features the famous birds. Get ready to start playing this incredible adventure game by controlling these legendary characters on your way to the victory! Angry Birds Epic presents the story in the form of scenes. The structure of the game is pretty linear; you have to get through various levels in order to unlock the next one.

Angry Birds Epic

All of your enemies are the representatives of the well-known species of green pigs. The controls work in an easy to understand way. All the player basically has to do is choose the target and direct the attack. In order to go into defense, the player can tap on lightly on the hero. Each hero comes with special abilities and power ups. Of course, a special attack inflicts much more damage and is able to destroy more targets at once.

Angry Birds Epic

It is really important to upgrade your hero and equip him with new weapons and armor. You start of by playing with Red, but as you progress through the game, other characters will become available. You will be soon accompanied by such classic heroes as Bomb or Chuck. The amazing graphics and addictive gameplay are the highlights of this game. Angry Birds Epic can be an amazing experience for any player!