Angry Birds Go! 2.6.3

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The most famous mobile game continues to be supplemented by ever new episodes. The creators of Angry Birds are not yet ready to leave the pedestal and continue to work on the legendary saga. It’ s hard to believe, but the first episode of the story about angry birds was introduced in 2009. It started a real mania. All subsequent years, charming characters did not disappear from public’ s attention. They became characters of animated movie, they have been used as a theme for amusement park in Finland and got their own postage stamps. Other hit mobile games have already been forgotten, but Angry Birds remain popular. Why? The secret is simple: the developers don’ t let fans get bored. A new episode appears every six months. There have been released more 20 games based in Angry Birds Universe. Most of them are made for mobile devices, but there are games for browsers, game consoles and for Facebook. Angry Birds Go! stands out among a series of games for two reasons. Firstly, this is the first game in which there was no shooting at green pigs. Instead, birds competed with their eternal enemies in speed. Card racing was not less exciting than shooting from the slingshot. Secondly, in Angry Birds Go! creators for the first time used three-dimensional graphics. The result was impressive: the episode immediately became a hit and is still rated by fans as one of the best in the popular series. Features of the game. Download Angry Birds Go! and immerse yourself in the world of racing. – For the first time pigs become playable characters; – In order to pass all levels, you will need a quick reaction and wit. At different levels you will have to ride racing tracks, trails for real stuntmen and even fly; – 5 different modes for each level; – You should watch out obstacles on the road and vigorous rivals, who also strive to push your card off the track; – Cards can be upgraded by collecting bonuses at different levels of the game. Try yourself as a racer in extremely competitive Angry Birds game: speed, surprises and rivals, who will stop at nothing to win the race.