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Angry Neighbor 3.2

Angry Neighbor stands for a truly unusual game on Android. The gameplay is brilliant and makes you think about people who surround you in a different way.

Why to play?

You start as a curious protagonist who can’t ignore a mysterious and constantly noisy neighbor living a very concealed life. You are to find out if this introvert hides a lot of terrible secrets.

Why is your mysterious neighbor who tries to avoid contact with people? At the same time, this impossible person constantly makes a lot of noise, being engaged in the construction of various unknown objects. Your main hero doesn’t stand up at once, but slowly gets more and more curious. Finally, he decides to establish the whole truth about a reclusive neighbor. Your neighbor seems to be obsessed with constructing and you need to stop this mess.

Gameplay of Angry Neighbor

At the beginning of players can see several houses in the same neighborhood. The curious main character will have to examine the entire location in search of keys that can be used to unlock the neighbor’s doors. Do not forget to pick up other items that can be very useful during the game. Try not to miss boxes and chairs, because by putting one on the other, you can reach places that were previously inaccessible.

The main protagonist will have a special inventory, where he will put all useful items found during the process of “investigation”. The gameplay is based on finding and then hiding from a strange neighbor. Keep in mind that at some point the game become a chilling horror that will cause the death of the main character. Make sure to avoid any noises when sneaking in your neighbor’s apartment.

Curiosity takes up, so you should learn as much information as possible about the person living next door. But it does not mean that you can just break into his apartment and study everything that you need. You are to be careful that the neighbor doesn’t even suspect that someone follows him.

You will take on the role of a spy. And spies sometimes have to hide in shadows and act very quickly to achieve the best result. Bear in mind that if a neighbor gets suspicious about your whereabouts, you are to hide from him. The neighbor is a really weird dude. He rarely leaves the house and behaves incredibly quiet. This guy always closes the door behind him instantly so that none of the neighbors can see what is happening inside his creepy apartment. And his door is locked with many locks you are to break in.

When you manage to unlock all these locks, do not rush into apartment. You may also take care of multiple traps left by an angry neighbor. When sneaking around the neighbor’s apartment, keep in mind that at any moment a neighbor can return from the store and take you by surprise.

This is a 3D logic game with an interesting plot twist. Angry Neighbor on Android can’t boast the advanced graphics. The backgrounds look as simple as possible, and the animation of a protagonist is implemented at the very basic level. But you won’t find another logic game with such awesome setting and story-telling, so don’t hesitate to install Angry Neighbor on your Android-compatible device.

You can free download Angry Neighbor 3.2 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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  • Sergey M

    What’s new
    1. Fixed crashes on some devices;
    2. Fixed artifacts with textures;
    3. Fixed critical errors;
    4. The fixed font is now correctly displayed on all devices;
    5. Fixed bugs with an aspect ratio of 2: 1 and 18.5: 9;
    6. The buttons are located exactly with a resolution of 3840×2160 fixed errors in the menu with a screen resolution of 1920×1200;
    7. The interface has become more adaptive and other unpleasant errors.

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