Asphalt 8: Airborne

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Asphalt 8: Airborne is another installment in this series of racing games. Drive the fastest and most exclusive cars and motorcycles in this fascinating racing simulator! Explore various countries and their tracks, be the fastest in the Nevada desert or on the narrow streets of Tokyo. Show your drifting skills and be the first to cross the finish line. The player can choose to race on any of the 40+ tracks. The selection of exotic cars is what really deserves a mention. You have more than 190 available cars from top manufacturers to select from. Like in the previous installments, you can fully customize your car with exclusive decals and upgrade the engine and the other parameters in order to have the fastest car on the track. Incredible visuals and a realistic sound design will make your experience complete! Race beyond your limits and use fantastic jumps that defy the laws of gravity. Perform stunning maneuvers that you otherwise would not be able to ever replicate on a real track. Don’t forget about shortcuts, because they can get you in the leading position, so watch out for those at every location. Conquer every track in the original or mirror race. So, are you ready for a spectacular game that is a racing simulator? Can you tame a Ferrari, a Mercedes, Audi or Porsche? Are you eager to tell the whole world about your skills in the multiplayer mode? Then choose your favorite vehicle and race through the network or in solo mode!