Beat the Boss 3 2.0.1

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The modern world constantly creates stressful situations for the average person. Houses friction with your mate on household topics. On the way to work you spend a lot off time in traffic jams, or meet crowds of people in public transport. Here at work the boss treats you every day at any time. We spend the greatest part of our lives at work. Psychologists recommend enduring stress, giving a rebuff mentally. It’s a good idea, but unrealistic. The famous game developer Game Hive Corporation solved this problem and created the Beat The Boss game. Its series are based on the fact that you finally give a rebuff to your boss. The time of jeers at you came to the end! The third part of the Beat The Boss allows you to create a virtual image of your boss. You can choose details: nose, eyes, hair from the proposed options. You can grow mustache on his face. You can put on different clothes. We think that you can fell power over your boss on this stage while make his appearance worse than in real life. Your odious boss is ready to suffer punishment! Let’s move to the next stage! It is the most pleasant and sweet thing in the game. Physical violence makes it possible to release steam. Therefore, it is better to start with a slap in the face, then increase the force of impact and throw the boss on the wall. The most humiliating way you can splash the face of coffee or throw foul breakfast. The most pleasant moment for you will be the boss`s reaction. Mimicry drawn quite tedious and conveys emotions as real ones. You can download Beat the Boss 3 2.0.1 and apply for revenge torture chamber. Masterly hangmen know how to prolong the torments of the hated boss. If you shoot him immediately, you cannot be satisfied with the suffering he experiences. Let him scream and moan. Make him suffer as you are at work. Abilities of the game Beat the Boss 3 for Android are: to create your own image of boss; to choose one of 100 types of weapons. to color weapons; to see the realistic reaction of the boss – it is the most important thing! Spend your time with pleasure.