Big Hunter 2.8.1

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Would you like to get in the skin of a tribal hunter? Your mission is to hunt down animals, but this is not just for fun, because the survival of your tribe depends on your skills. You will go against huge animals, so learn how to wield a spear, ax or a boomerang. This intense hunting game has a purpose and you are the only one that can accomplish it.

Big Hunter

Become the real leader for you tribe and don’t let your people starve. Use the whole variety of weapons wisely and be the best hunter out there. Big Hunter features easy to master controls and an addictive gameplay. It is based on dynamic physics and will impress the player with simple but very effective beautiful graphics and a rhythmical sound design. Try to go through all the levels and make your way out in one piece. 100 exciting levels are waiting for you and their new impossible intensity will prove to be a real challenge for any player.

Big Hunter

Get your skills in shape and remember that hunting on your mobile device is a completely safe process, where no real animals were harmed. Boast with your results and high scores to your friends via social media. Your phone or tablet can become the perfect “hunting” ground for you to learn what it is like to lead a Bushmen tribe.