Birdy Trip 1.0.1

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Birdy Trip is among the most entertaining and popular arcade games. This genre of games became really interesting for a big number of players around the world. Birdy Trip features colorful characters in the main role and the game mechanics of which largely replicates other famous games of this kind. You will have the possibility to play with many birds here and unlocking these new characters will present a lot of fun.

Birdy Trip

Level generation here is a completely new process. You won’t be alone in the sky! Your only goal is to tap the screen and avoid all kinds of obstacles, collecting stars on your way. Try to control your birds and gather as many points as you can. The control system is very sensitive and you need just one touch to manage the moves of your characters. The colorful design of backgrounds and characters together with smooth animation and graphics adds to the experience.

Birdy Trip

Collect more than 50 birds as you go along. Try to complete a lot of missions. The leaderboard is yours for the taking, so try to score as many points as possible and climb up in the rankings. Be careful and watch out for those pesky vultures! You will have to be quick and confident in your skills to succeed here!