Block Craft 3D 2.10.2

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Do you like games where your main goal is to build? Build your own city together with Block Craft 3D! There aren’t any restrictions; this game can be played by every member of your family. Show what you can do with blocks, because your imagination and creativity have no limits. Don’t forget to challenge your friends to see who can build a better construction. You can visit their building sites and appreciate their achievements.

Block Craft 3D

This is a simulator that boasts with amazing graphics and possibilities. Sell your constructions and earn diamonds, build your own home. The potential of this game is huge; you can start with a simple house and end up with a Death Star or a real castle. Get unique furniture items and organize them in the right order. What could be more exciting than building your own city? First you will have to start from small things and then you can get used to crafting more complex buildings.

Block Craft 3D

If you crave for something else, then you can get yourself a little animal. A cat, dog, horse or even an elephant can become your pet. Playing together with your friends will add to the experience, you can also help them out with their projects and they will help you back. There is a lot to enjoy in Block Craft 3D!