Bubble Totem 1.5.24

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Bubble Totem is a classic representative of the old genre, where players have to fight as one of “brazen balls” to be the winner in a dishonest fight. Previously, such games were very common in the early 2000’s on PC. For sure, each of us remembers the final part of the popular line of Worms games, where worms fought desperately with each other. You can clearly see the rivals, bright gameplay and inimitable graphics, but it’s very difficult to implement it in a mobile application. Developers have approached the creation of an android game with responsibility and a good budget. The conditions of victory did not change at all: you also need to hit the bubbles of the same color to destroy the wall. This arcade game for Android phones has become a good representative of puzzles in connection with the non-standard decision of the company to introduce the maximum number of moves.