Car Driving School Simulator

Get ready to learn the driving rules in the most realistic simulator that you have ever seen! This game is not just about driving as it goes deep into the road rules and regulations. Now you have to follow the STOP signs, follow the signals of traffic lights and use the turn signals. You will be required to turn on the windshield wipers as well.

This is a totally unique and complete experience which you can get on your mobile device. That’s the closest you can get to a realistic driving seat. Once you have finished with learning the rules, you will be set to test your knowledge in a real city environment. This big city will really make sure to check what you have learned.

These driving missions will help you trace your progress. The nice little touch lets you challenge other players. Who said driving isn’t fun? It is really exciting when you have a nice variety of vehicles to choose from. Your selection stretches from buses and trucks to fancy supercars.

Driving in the traffic is not easy at first, but with enough practice you will get better at this in no time! Multiple camera angles will assist you, when you need to look around for other cars in order to avoid any potential car accidents. Enjoy this experience!

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