Castle Cats 1.7.1

download Castle Cats 1.7.1 for free

Are you a cat person? Would you like to try out a game that features these awesome animals? Then play as warrior cats and help them defeat their enemies. Your characters are Conan the Knight, Catniss the Archer and Francis the mage. Together you will be able to defeat your arch nemesis known as The Evil Pugomancer. You have an incredible array of heroes to choose from. Control an entire army of cats, there are over 60 unique characters in this game. Every hero come with special skills and abilities, so make sure to choose your warriors wisely! The main goal is to bring Catania to its former glory. Your guild of can greatly benefit from the use of some magic. Use these tricks to create unique heroes, upgrade their skills and send your recruits to battle. These adorable cats are sometimes difficult to control, but we’re sure that you can use their temper to your advantage! Castle Cats offers a big number of Story Quests, and you will have to complete them all to get to your main enemy. You can participate in the battles or just sit back and enjoy these charming creatures. Monthly Events offer the opportunity to play with new characters and unlock additional Quests. Embark on a thrilling adventure in this world full of magic and excitement!

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