Board Games for Android

Board games have always been around and now the users of Android devices can enjoy the large selection that this genre is able to provide. Every game feels like a unique experience. Quite often, there is not only the AI involved in these games. You can play against your friends or other players and enjoy your duels even more. It is a rich world, where impeccable logic and fast thinking really matter. Some of the most popular choices in the genre of board games for Android mobile devices include: DeathMatch, Monopoly Millionaire, Checkers and Zen Pinball. Fans of classic board games may find many chess games, each of which involves a little different experience. Many board games are enhanced thanks to sophisticated graphic designs and 3D effects. Even the familiar checkers won’t feel the same when you will find a 3D version of them. There is a lot to be discovered in these games and you will be amazed at how many games you can find in this genre. Try playing battle ships with your friends and it will never get boring, even after 200 matches. Even though this is not the most action-packed genre of games, it is certainly very entertaining and you can find a lot of fresh concepts for old games here.

Backgammon Free 2.24

Download Backgammon Free for free

Do you like classic board games released on Android? Then meet the classic board game Backgammon Free on Android. The game’s setting happens in the ancient times – in Egypt, about 3000 years ago. The best feature is that you can compete for both against AI bots as well as to beat real backgammon players … Continue reading Backgammon Free

Sudoku Free 1.471

Download Sudoku Free for free

Are you very fond of Sudoku puzzles and can’t wait to solve a new one in every magazine that you can buy? Forget about paper puzzles and enjoy Sudoku Free on your mobile devices with Android OS! You will definitely like high-quality graphics and sound effects! You are waiting for 1500 variants of puzzles and … Continue reading Sudoku Free

Random Mahjong 1.4.8

Download Random Mahjong for free

Do you want to play the unique Mahjong game on your Android device? You can select among 3 different levels of difficulty in Random Mahjong. This version can boast very high quality, beautiful changing themes of a game’s table, detailed tiles and other beautifully drawn components. It is one of the best Mahjong games for … Continue reading Random Mahjong