Board Games for Android

Board games have always been around and now the users of Android devices can enjoy the large selection that this genre is able to provide. Every game feels like a unique experience. Quite often, there is not only the AI involved in these games. You can play against your friends or other players and enjoy your duels even more. It is a rich world, where impeccable logic and fast thinking really matter. Some of the most popular choices in the genre of board games for Android mobile devices include: DeathMatch, Monopoly Millionaire, Checkers and Zen Pinball. Fans of classic board games may find many chess games, each of which involves a little different experience. Many board games are enhanced thanks to sophisticated graphic designs and 3D effects. Even the familiar checkers won’t feel the same when you will find a 3D version of them. There is a lot to be discovered in these games and you will be amazed at how many games you can find in this genre. Try playing battle ships with your friends and it will never get boring, even after 200 matches. Even though this is not the most action-packed genre of games, it is certainly very entertaining and you can find a lot of fresh concepts for old games here.

Magic 2015 1.4.4959

Download Magic 2015 for free

Collect a whole deck of powerful heroes, and skillfully use their unique abilities in Magic 2015 for Android. Fight the monsters and other real players in a special arena. In this game you will try on the role of Garukka – the most famous hunter of the multiverse. You will have a long and fascinating … Continue reading Magic 2015

SlingshotPuzzle 3.23

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Slingshot Puzzle is another puzzle game from Alawar, where you need to test your abilities for accuracy, ingenuity and agility. You need to perform very clever and interesting tasks, using ancillary items and avoiding obstacles. You can fully appreciate the potential, skills, imagination and experience of this developer. In order to perform a shot in … Continue reading SlingshotPuzzle

Monsterbuttons 1.1

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This Android game Monsterbuttons is good for the development of logical thinking in children and adults. You have to transfer monsters with different colors to the places where they are required to be placed. As the game progresses, the difficulties only increase and create additional interest. Do you like solving interesting problems? Then this game … Continue reading Monsterbuttons

Warfare Chess 2 1.26

Download Warfare Chess 2 for free

Warfare Chess 2 is an exciting Android game. The peculiarity of the in-game project is the chess theme. When you enter the game, you will see that the application asks for specific permissions for the normal operation of the game. Go through 2 introductions, and then start getting acquainted with the game interface. Register your … Continue reading Warfare Chess 2

Pokemon Duel 6.0.1

Download Pokemon Duel for free

Pokemon Duel is another project about the legendary Pokemon, which will give gamers even more dizzying moments, based on training and constant progress of this pocket creature. Only for today, this process will be built on sparring, in which you will have to take direct part and, of course, win. At the start of your … Continue reading Pokemon Duel