Fighting Games for Android

Fighters have come a long way to become what they are today. There are no gamers that wouldn’t try at least one fighting game in their life time. This genre became really huge once the graphics and animation were able to render the fighting moves and various techniques. Some of them most popular fighting games for Android devices include Shadow Fight, Street Fighter VI and Batman Arkham. Fighters may include elements of adventure or shooting games. Many of the games are boxing or martial arts simulators. This is a great way to learn practical moves for self defense! This genre has reached a point where games can get crazy concepts and always feel fresh. If you are a big fan of martial arts and big tournaments, then it may be time to check the wide selection of games from this category. You won’t be disappointed! There are a lot of gems to be found here and every fighting game offers unique experience and various levels of difficulty. If you were able to fight only against the computer in the past, then now the whole world can be your fighting arena. Players from all around the world are ready to step into your arena and they will try to take you down. The level of your skill plays an important role here!

Dragon Slayer 1.1.2

Download Dragon Slayer for free

The RPG game Dragon Slayer is ready to offer users the most simple and unpretentious way to become famous, it is primarily about the extermination of such rare and more fabulous creatures, which are dragons. This virtual game is full of terrible creatures, and it is quite normal to organize competitions in the battle against … Continue reading Dragon Slayer