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The genre of games for kids is exactly what it sounds like. Kids nowadays get into the world of gaming at a very early age and they need appropriate content. These games are perfectly balanced and are easy to get into. Most of them provide both entertainment as well as the daily need for knowledge. Your phone or tablet is a very interesting toy, so be sure to get games for kids on your Android mobile device and rest assured that your child is playing the appropriate game for his age. Many of the games from this category can be played by gamers of all ages. Pou is an absolutely amazing game for kids, which features a cute character and lots of options for interactions. Other popular entries in this genre include Super Marion, My Little Pony and Mr. Jelly. Kids need their fix of games and it is no surprise that they prefer mobile devices for this purpose. Many popular cartoons have been turned into popular game franchises, like Smurfs, for example. It is very easy to recognize favorite characters and play together with them. Mutual adventures with favorite characters may become reality together with Android games for kids. It has become much easier to connect to quality entertainment when this genre really started to evolve.

Om Nom Toons 1.1.0

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Cut the Rope used to be the whole game series popular on Android devices. The protagonist the game Om Nom Toons is a cute green monster who loves lollipops. This application is aimed specifically at the fans of Om Nom, as it contains a collection of miniature cartoons, the main character of which is a … Continue reading Om Nom Toons