Horror Games for Android

The horror genre of games has always had its followers, but because of its specific tone, not everybody can get easily into it. Only those who are hunting for a huge adrenaline rush are brave enough to enter the world of horror games. Some of the most popular entries in the genre of horror games for Android mobile devices are Five Nights at Freddy’s, Granny and House in the Village. Prepare to experience a really frightening atmosphere, and unlike the movies, you will become the protagonist inside these stories. This is totally different from any other genres, because you won’t want to see yourself in scary situations, unlike with other games. If other genres don’t seem edgy enough, then horror would be a perfect choice. Completing the game is an adventure that not everybody is prepared to go through. You will, most certainly, come across elements from other genres. You may encounter scary ghosts or any other kinds of paranormal activity. Maybe you will be chased by zombies, or maybe there is an angry and grumpy neighbor, who is hiding dark secrets in his basement. Whatever is the case, you will definitely be able to get to the root of the story. If nothing scares you, then try how much you can last with horror games!

Granny 1.3.2

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Granny is awesome horror game for Android mobile phones and tablets. Your goal here is to escape from the house a horrible creature who doesn’t resemble your favorite granny at all. Granny is his new gaming project for mobile devices and it’s incredibly scary. It can give most gamers a mini heart attack thanks to … Continue reading Granny