Logic Games for Android

Puzzle games have always been around, even starting with the ancient times. People were always interested in deciphering secret codes in order to get the upper hand. The modern logic games provide a high level of entertainment while offering you the opportunity to develop your thinking. Logic games have a big community of players behind them. Some of the most popular logic games for devices working on Android platform are Hangman, Cut the Rope entries, Mahjong, Clash of Lords and many others. Sometimes you will have to spot all the differences while other games will make you think about completing various levels with a limited amount of tries. This is a very wide category of games, where you can find real gems. If you prefer classic games then you can choose from a huge variety of chess and checkers games. Many of the games feature really neat graphic designs, like is the case with Candy Crush. Even though there may be not much action involved in the logic or puzzle games, it is a great way to keep your thinking in shape, especially while you are on the go. Here you can find games with wildest concepts and entertaining gameplay! Beating the games is not always easy, so be prepared for many challenges!

TetroCrate 2.2.6

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TetroCrate is a Tetris-like puzzle on Android phones and tablets. This tactical Tetris-like puzzle with elements of 3D graphics, differs from the standard Tetris mechanics with a lack of fussy race with a timer. This is a kind of hybrid of Tetris, Blockout and Tangram. The player gets an opportunity to move Tetris-like blocks on … Continue reading TetroCrate

SlingshotPuzzle 3.23

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Slingshot Puzzle is another puzzle game from Alawar, where you need to test your abilities for accuracy, ingenuity and agility. You need to perform very clever and interesting tasks, using ancillary items and avoiding obstacles. You can fully appreciate the potential, skills, imagination and experience of this developer. In order to perform a shot in … Continue reading SlingshotPuzzle

Monsterbuttons 1.1

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This Android game Monsterbuttons is good for the development of logical thinking in children and adults. You have to transfer monsters with different colors to the places where they are required to be placed. As the game progresses, the difficulties only increase and create additional interest. Do you like solving interesting problems? Then this game … Continue reading Monsterbuttons