Music Games for Android

Crazy rhythms and a lot of action – all of this can be found in the music genre of games. Some games build their plot around music beats, while other games will let you create music. This is not the most popular category of games for Android devices, but it will definitely offer a unique experience to everybody who dares to explore it. Among the most popular choices you may find games like Just Dance Now, Music Racer and Beats. Some of the apps will help you get acquainted more with music instruments. Follow the beat and try to keep up! The music rhythm of many games is the key to success. Music games will always be considered exclusive, because they really challenge the creativity of the players. Some very interesting concepts are put into them and there is always place for good music. It is not so easy to make the music be the center piece of a game, but many developers have managed to combine a thoughtful and entertaining story with amazing music, which together create a unique atmosphere. Music games may also be combined with other genres of games, such as racing, puzzle, quests and board games. This is a category that is definitely worth checking out.

Project: Muse 2.5.0

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Project: Muse is a musical arcade platform for Android with a rhythmic gameplay and minimal graphics. Before starting the game, better wear headphones, so it will be easier not to make mistakes. Click on triangles, squares and other symbols in time with the music. Experience the speed with which you can react to the challenges … Continue reading Project: Muse

Music Racer 1.7

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Music Racer is a mobile game that combines an unusual mix of the racing genre and music. The road for racing will be created based on the music you listen to. Its length, speed of movement of the car and even the general setting of the race will depend directly on the composition being played … Continue reading Music Racer

Dynamix 3.10.1

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Dynamix is a musical time-killer that will make the player forget about boredom. A player has to press the buttons in time, and do it at a certain pace in accordance with the composition and as quickly as possible. During the walkthrough of many levels, new songs are opened – there are many tunes on … Continue reading Dynamix