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The world of online games is constantly expending and this is a very large category of games which encompasses almost all genres. If you don’t like playing alone, then you can always invite your friends and experience a cool adventure together. There is nothing better than beating your friend’s high-score and then letting him know who the most skilled player in a particular game is. Maybe you enjoy racing games, but the AI just seems too boring to play with and you always keep winning in any situation. This is where online games will be a perfect choice. Players from all over the world will try to prove you that there is always somebody who has more skills than you do. The world has experienced Pokemon GO, an interactive game where everybody could participate in battles and interesting quests. Online games have completely changed the perspective on gaming in general. Their number keeps constantly increasing and you can enjoy dueling against other players anytime you want. Search through the rich library of online games for Android devices and identify the one that speaks to your heart. Here you will meet only skilled players who will give you a run for your money! Interact with people all around the world!

Magic 2015 1.4.4959

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Collect a whole deck of powerful heroes, and skillfully use their unique abilities in Magic 2015 for Android. Fight the monsters and other real players in a special arena. In this game you will try on the role of Garukka – the most famous hunter of the multiverse. You will have a long and fascinating … Continue reading Magic 2015