Quest Games for Android

Quest is one of the main genres of PC and Android games. This is an interactive story that has the main character controlled by the player. The most important elements of the game in the quest genre are the actual narration and exploration of the world, and the key role in the gameplay belongs to solving puzzles and tasks that require the player to think. Elements such as battles, creating strategies require a reaction speed and quick response to actions, which are characteristics that belong to other genres of games. These are minimized or completely absent in quests. After the dominance of classic quests in the style of “point-and-click”, the market was occupied by adventure fighters – games based on the player’s reaction to random and quick events. Modern quest games feature 3D graphics and rich plots with a complex atmosphere. Quests with added elements of adventure games have helped further popularize this genre. These kinds of games possess an immersiveness to them that allows players to retain a high level of interest for the story. Quest genre of games for Android devices is a great way to spend your time. Intricate plot details and solving various tasks won’t let you get bored.