Quiz Games for Android

Quiz games exist for a very special reason. Many players would like to find out more about their IQ or would like to answer difficult question in order to test their knowledge. This genre has always had a following as many players just enjoy answering questions on various topics. While some games are made for fun, other quiz games can seriously test your knowledge. The large selection of quiz games for Android devices offers big possibilities. Take a Best IQ Test or participate in Color Quiz, it is all up to you. You can get perfect results and share them with your friends. Let them know that your level of knowledge is simply unparalleled! These games give you time to breathe and you usually won’t have any time limits when answering any questions. You are not required to have any particular skills, but your knowledge will have to be your point of reference. These games will not only test your knowledge, but will also give you the opportunity to learn something new as you go along. Quiz games is a very peculiar genre and its pace allows players to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee while they are playing. There is no need to rush as you enjoy the gaming process. Test your knowledge and have fun!

Gemminerals 3.2.0

Download Gemminerals for free

Gemminerals is not another ordinary and boring quiz for mobile devices! Thanks to this game you can immerse into the greatest world of shiny stones. You are to look for different precious and semiprecious crystals and stones. After finding a new stone, you get an info card about its history and features. The more right … Continue reading Gemminerals

Quiz of Dota2 1.4

Download Quiz of Dota for free

Quiz of Dota2 is a real challenging test for all fans and gamers of Dota 2 and its vast universe! Are you sure that you know everything to know about Dota 2 – then challenge yourself with the awesome geekish test with multiple questions with different levels of difficulty. This is not just the best … Continue reading Quiz of Dota

Artduel 1.6

Download Artduel for free

Do you think that you can draw the funny doodles and guess what the developers encrypted in their drawings looking like visual rebuses? Then do not forget to install the awesome game Artduel for Android phones and tablets. This new exciting quiz reminds the famous children’s game charades. But the players have to show drawings … Continue reading Artduel

Alcoquiz 1.0.0

Download Alcoquiz for free

Do you think that you are a real alcohol connoisseur? The interesting and funny game test Alcoquiz can prove you are wrong or right. This test for Android contains hundreds of questions related to your knowledge of alcoholic beverages and cocktails. You may check yourself and your friends at this interesting subject – a great … Continue reading Alcoquiz

Unusual test 1.6

Download Unusual test for free

Do you like different psychological and ability tests? Then how can you miss the most Unusual Test developed especially for the fans of such great quizzes on mobile devices. Despite the unusual title, you will receive a pretty standard by design and content quiz full of puzzles, tasks and even rebuses. Unusual Test also contains … Continue reading Unusual test