Racing Games for Android

The genre of racing games has drastically improved over the last few years. True racing fans have the chance to compete against players from all around the world. Beautiful simulators offer an incredible experience through realistic graphics and controls. You can always upgrade your vehicles to pass your opponents more easily. Such hit games like Real Racing or Need for speed series are among the top rated racing games for Android devices. Today these are considered the best racing simulators, although some of them may contain arcade elements. Not everything is straightforward in this genre and you will be able to find games with rich plots and interesting concepts. Some even involve racing against zombies. Some of the games let you relax a bit more, like, for example, Traffic Racer. There are many simulators that allow you to take real brand cars for a spin. Have you ever dreamed of driving a Ferrari or a Lamborghini? Your dreams will become possibility, plus you will be able to try different motorcycles and participate in championships. Be the fastest racer on the track and share your high-score with your friends. The multiplayer options in most of new releases allow you to race against real players instead of standard AI.

Pocket Trucks 1.1.5

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Pocket Trucks Deluxe is one of the most popular Android games. It resembles the well-known series Worms. Pocket Trucks is a masterpiece of the gaming industry that tells us about the constant battles between tanks that take place on a very difficult and impassable road. Each side has a huge arsenal of weapons, you cannot … Continue reading Pocket Trucks

RocketHard 1.3

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RocketHard is an extreme racing game for Android devices. Your goal in this space-related game is to fly farthest through various obstacles, such as asteroids. Compete with friends gaining maximum results. Fly around obstacles, collect useful artifacts to become an astronaut. Improve your ship by increasing the cargo hold. The game RocketHard, made in the … Continue reading RocketHard

Blocky Cars 2.0.1

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Blocky Cars Online is a cartoon action game in an online mode, where gamers need to take under their control different types of armored combat vehicles. The developers have added a collection of their transport, which can be placed on the battlefield. For this reason, players should not only show their skills in numerous battles … Continue reading Blocky Cars

Cava Racing 1.1

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Indie developers do not cease to amaze the gaming community with new projects not only on PCs and consoles but also on Android devices. One of such indie gems is called Cava Racing – a racing game, which is unlikely to compete with popular mobile applications. But it still has something to offer to all … Continue reading Cava Racing