RPG Games for Android

Would you like to take the role of a character you have always admired? RPG games are still extremely popular and offer maximum level of immersion. Beautifully crafted, they offer an incredible amount of detail. The environments usually look incredibly realistic for the RPG games for Android mobile devices. Some of the most popular choices among players include Dark Avenger, Legendary Heroes and Galaxy on Fire. Beautiful action, incredible battles and tons of upgrading tools are waiting for you. Role-playing games have always had amazing stories to tell. Get ready to take part in intricate story lines and change the outcome of the game through your own actions. Numerous heroes and foes are an integral part of these worlds. If you want to succeed, then you will have to keep upgrading your heroes and use your skill and experience to defeat everything that stands in your path to glory. Rich world and a lot of interaction with other characters is what make this genre so appealing to a huge number of players. Some games offer huge possibilities and you can even become a member of clan of players from different countries. The goal is to gather resources and make your own character or a team as strong as possible.

Heroes Of Atlan 1.8.2

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Heroes Of Atlan is an RPG game for Android, with turn-based gameplay and hundreds of different characters to choose from. In the quiet and peaceful kingdom of Atlan, there was a war during which an ancient and powerful evil enslaved everything. The last hope is the great heroes who rose to defend their land. Collect … Continue reading Heroes Of Atlan

Heroes of Destiny 2.0.5

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Heroes of Destiny is an exciting 3D RPG with elements of strategy. Build the squad of 4 strongest heroes and get rid of the dark creatures who invaded the fantasy kingdom. The kingdom of Leron was the first to experience its terrible power of magical evil forces. In the form of bloodthirsty monsters, evil forces … Continue reading Heroes of Destiny

Soul Seeker 1.8.2

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Soul Seeker is another great online role-playing game for Android. The graphics are made in classical style and very similar to Wars of the Caller, at least, the characters are very similar. The rest of the interface is authentic enough, and animations are of very high quality. A player has to collect the team, control … Continue reading Soul Seeker

Shakes & Fidget 2.81.149

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This game is perfect for fans of awesome mobile adventure games. Players of Shakes & Fidget have 8 different races, whose members differ substantially from one another. After a player chooses the hero, he or she can go on a fascinating space journey. There are many difficult tasks and exciting quests. Of course, such a … Continue reading Shakes & Fidget