Shooter Games for Android

The genre of shooters has received a lot of attention starting with the 90’s. The interest for it has only increased during the last years and now every player can enjoy a wide variety of shooters on different gaming platforms. If you are searching for great games that involve shooting for Android devices, then you may want to look at such games as World of Tanks Blitz, Project Stalker and Gagstar Vegas. All of them are quite different and have unique atmospheres. Many of the games combine elements from other genres. Unlike strategy or puzzle games, shooters require more physicality from the players. Your speed of reaction will be put to a good test in this genre. Most games offer a large selection of weapons, some of which are real and some of which were designed specifically for a game. You will have to learn to use all kinds of weapons to be able to stand a chance against your opponents. You can either play against the Ai or against other real players. Everything depends on what the game has to offer. Whether you have to shoot down zombies, aliens or terrorists, you will definitely go through a wild adrenaline rush. There is a lot to be enjoyed in this category of games and it provides many decent choices for players.

After Us 0.71

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After Us is a 3D square shooter. This super dynamic, tough, aggressive zombie shooter stylistically resembles Minecraft. You control a brave fighter, a protagonist who was left alone in the zombie city. To survive, you will have to learn how to control different types of weapons and be able to run away – using the … Continue reading After Us

Deadlings 1.0.4

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Deadlings is a very interesting and exciting arcade scroll for smartphones and tablets on Android. You will become the owner of a factory and you need to train zombies over there. Each zombie must undergo about 100 different stages in order to eventually become a professional zombie. The developers managed to combine several very popular … Continue reading Deadlings