Strategy Games for Android

The strategy genre has always played a very important role in the world of gaming. There are similarities between this genre and the puzzle genre, though this one offers more complexity for the plot and characters. You have to think and adapt quickly to the rules of the game. The multiplayer mode, that is included in most of the entries inside the genre offer the possibility to compete against players from all over the world. This is a different experience to the one you would have before on Android devices and other platforms. Now you are not forced to play only against the standard AI. The possibilities have become much wider. The most requested games for Android mobile devices in the strategy genre are Plague Inc, Clash of Clans, Plants Vs Zombies and Zombie Defense. All the games possess unique concepts and offer different experience in terms of difficulty. Strategy games may really test your skills, although you won’t necessary need a high speed of reactions or many power-ups. Logic thinking will get you out of most dangerous situations that you will encounter in this genre. The games here take time to adapt to, but you will be rewarded very well once you start developing winning tactics.

Urban Rivals 5.2

Download Urban Rivals for free

Urban Rivals on Android is a logical card game that will check your ability to bluff. Fight both AI enemies and real people. Collect a lot of cards and create your own street gang. Urban Rivals offers an interesting gaming solution. The earned experience points can be spent for a card attack multiplier. In each … Continue reading Urban Rivals