Clash of Clans 9.434.30

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Rebuild settlement, train troops and fight with thousands players of all the world. Clash of Clans for is a Free-to-Play strategy game where users create a village, develop clan and compete in the epic wars of the clans! Barbarians, throwing fireballs sorcerers and unique warriors are already waiting for you! Clash of Clans – military online strategy. Gamers attack the lands ofenemies with the purpose of robbery, the development of village and protection from raiders.

There is a two parts of game: the first one is strategic, where you need to build a city, extract resources and recruit troops it’s a kind of economic strategy. The second one Tower Defense turn city, into an impregnable fortress with towers and capable of repelling any noun. Other gamers can verb your city at any time (if you don’t have dome above).

At the same time a whole avalanche of troops will be poured on you, your towers will beat them and from how cleverly built your city’s defense depends on you. You can try to crash the cities of gamers also. There is a limit on the  of troops: you will have just one army for one attack. When users attacking other settlements, warriors divided into several categories.

You can make clans that include players with similar goals, and more effectively fight and seize new lands. There are 10 types of troops at the initial stage. Each type of army has its characteristics, such as health and strength. The powerful and strong army will give you an advantage when attacking others and building your protection.

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