Clash of Clans 9.256.19

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Clans won’t clash itself. Welcome to one of the most famous strategy/TD game to a mobile platforms. Clans is about multiplayer battles, upgrades and building smart strategy. Get fresh version here! You need to do 3 things: develop your kingdom, kick enemy asses and have fun! The game is made in a generic fantasy setting, here we have noble barbarians, dragons, goblins, giants, knights and noble itself. We playing a role of some kind warlord-archmage, which can create magical creatures from elixir and let it to battle with others along with casting a battle, supportive or cursed spells to them. The Clash of Clans is build around two main gameplay mechanics, clans and raids. First will let you to join a community of players for getting different bonuses, second allows you to attach other clashers and show them who is boss here (or failing it). Your power is represented by your tough defenses and by a might of your troops. By getting your army to crush an enemy and let them crushed by your towers you will progress to the heights of CoC. Clash of Clans is upgrading by bigger updates and smaller patches. Latest of them was released in 8 march of 2017. After a years after initial game release, there is no more brand new content, still, devs presenting new upgrade levels and complete rebalance of units, which reviving the meta-game after time. We will not count the bug fixes and optimization issues, because it is present in every single up. Latest balance update is powering the dark elixir troops, dragons and mysterious P.E.K.K. A. received damage bonuses, while hog riders and miners get increased hitpoints. Moreover, the AA towers and walls have a new upgrading potential. This making us to review our current strategies. Game Features: Build version 8.709. 23 (vanilla); 11 def. towers + traps and bombs; 13 classic troop types; 10 spells for map controlling; Dark Elixir Army (7 units); 3 different heroes; Fight Online with other Clashers (CoC players); It is game about clans, so join it and wage wars.