Clash of Clans 10.134.6

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This is a popular strategy game that lets the player take control of building a village. It is not just an ordinary village, but a hideout for a fearless clan of warriors, who spend their time battling enemy camps and completing various important missions. The story is divided into two absolutely singular phases. During the first one you need to craft buildings and employ citizens, and during the second one, you get involved into strategic confrontations set in real time, in which you have to demonstrate all of your skills. You can also build all kinds of various defense facilities for your city, and this is vital if you want to stand up against the attacks of enemies who will, sooner or later, pay you a visit.

Clash of Clans

This is a highly entertaining strategy game with a plot that is much more intricate than it may seem at the first glance. The best news for players is that it is absolutely free and well optimized for Android devices. Construct your own community, guide your warriors and collide with other players online! It is an exciting mix of military tactics and aggressive swift fighting.

Clash of Clans

Collect the armed forces of barbarians, military men, magicians, dragons and other impressive armed forces. Join the game and improve your position in the rankings, or form your own clan to challenge rights to the kingdom. Play for free. Create your village in an invincible fortress. Set on an adventure that includes thousands of players across all continents and team up with your friends to form your own clan.

Clash of Clans

You can choose from more than 10 units and upgrade them at your will. Protect your village during the clash of the clans with guns, defensive structures, mortars, explosives, ambushes and barricades. Try to defeat the king of goblins and that will surely boost your self-esteem! Conquer or be conquered!

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