Color Palette: Dreamers 1.0.8

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Prepare for the fabulous adventures of PiPi in this incredible first chapter game called Color Palette: Dreamers. Join her friends on this spectacular journey and immerse into the world of solving puzzles for which you’ll need lots of imagination and a creative approach. This game will have you thinking, because of the unusual way it uses colors for its puzzle patterns.

Color Palette: Dreamers

There are not many games that can keep your interest in over 200 stages of puzzles for which you’ll have to search for inspiration. A captivating story will accompany you. You will find out personal stories about PiPi and her friends, whom she meets on her way. It’s a great visual experience, because of the high-quality graphics, detailed animation and various entertaining illustrations. You will meet nine exceptional characters on your journey and you will gladly make them your friends.

Color Palette: Dreamers

These characters will gladly join you on your adventures in return. You can choose from 5 game types that will provide different gameplay for many hours of pure enjoyment. Be prepared for many challenges and achievements! PiPi and her friends await you to join them in this world of puzzles and colors.