Cool Reader 3.1.2-102

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Are you interested in reading electronic books? Get Cool Reader that is designed to read a big number of formats like fb2, txt, doc, rtf, html, chm, tcr, pdb, prc, pml and other. You have many features that will add to your experience, like, for example, you can change the background color and add a texture to it. You can also have support for a number of dictionaries. The user has the possibility to customize the controls and gestures. Switch to the auto-scroll option and enjoy reading your favorite book. You can easily change the speed of scrolling by using the volume buttons.

Cool Reader

In a matter of few small gestures you can change the brightness and the contrast. Try out the day and night profiles and see which one suits you better. The Cool Reader app can read the text out loud! You can also leave bookmarks and even export them in a text file. Enjoy the beautiful animation with a realistic book feature that allows you to turn pages if this is a real book. You also get an access to an e-book store. The pictures in your file can be viewed closely and changed in size for your comfort. You can read the files even from the Zip archives. Check this application out and see if it perfectly fits your tastes.