Cover Fire 1.8.0

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Experience an amazing shooting game with amazing features and a realistic look. Zombies are not real, but this game will make you believe that you are battling them in our modern era. Your enemy is Tetracorp Corporation which is basically the incarnation of all evil. You will need an incredible will power to stand up to this challenge because enemies will be coming from all over the place. Enter a complete rage mode and lead your troop into the battle.

Cover Fire

Create a wall of bullets and grenades to cut your enemies from any chances of survival. A very decent control system allows for maximum accuracy when it comes to shooting. Play in a very well defined environment which provides views and animation for realistic destructions, particles of dust and smoke and amazing sounds. Non-stop action can be found right here in the Online Tournament Mode that allows you to become a veteran for this warfare.

Cover Fire

Your team consists of highly skilled soldiers that are going to assist you on this crazy journey. Experience the most realistic weapons, with pistols, shotguns, rifles and grenades being a part of your arsenal. Replace your soldiers in real time and lead them to the final victory! The story feels fresh and excited, it is what you need for a time well spent!