DEER HUNTER 2017 5.1.1

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Deep Hunter 2017 is a 3D hunting simulator for Android devices. The main protagonist takes his favorite rifle and goes to the virgin colorful corners of nature to hunt wild animals. The game is famous for its beautiful landscapes and regular large-scale updates. The character will visit all parts of the world, on all continents (and even beyond their borders) and climatic zones. There is the classic virtual shooter control system in Deer Hunter 2017. At the bottom left there is a virtual joystick used for the camera, on the right are the viewing buttons in the sight or strings of the string and the shot. The alarm indicator over a hunted animal shows how much attention this animal has over the presence of the hunter. When the indicator is full, the animal starts to run away quickly and you have to hurry up to find him. For different types of hunting (accurate shot from afar, precise shots), there are various rewards and amount of experience points. The collected points can be spent on the purchase of equipment and its upgrades. Deer Hunter 2017 is the bestseller among all hunting simulators for Android. Beautiful graphics and smooth animation, hunting raids with dogs, new dangerous predators, spearfishing, locations like Alpine slopes and African savannahs are waiting for all players. Plus, new weapons and a variety of animals are added with every new update.