Deer Hunter Classic 3.9.6

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Hunting has been an important skill that helped us evolve greatly and make us who we are today. Luckily, we don’t really have to put our lives at risk nowadays and have ways of replicating this experience in a safe environment. Deer Hunter Classic is a simulator of hunting for Android devices. Visit different corners of the globe and enjoy the beauty and realism of what is happening! Hunt for the most exotic animals. You don’t have to have any real experience with hunting; the game includes a training mode for beginners! Every gamer will be pleased with the variety of available weapons, including sniper rifles and guns!

Deer Hunter Classic

In addition, you can upgrade your weapons by installing an infrared camera or a night vision device. Play by yourself or together with friends, create alliances, go through different missions and get rewards! This is a first-person shooter simulator in which players can try something different, like walk around with a gun in fantastic looking environments, hunting for the most elusive animals in the world. Deer Hunter is part of one of the most popular series of hunting games in history. The game was released in a variety of different versions and for various platforms, including PC, Xbox 360 and Wii.

Deer Hunter Classic

As expected, the latest release of the game for Android is exceptionally well designed. Even though most of the time you will spend in the countryside, tracking down your prey and shooting at the right time, you still need preliminary training. There are many options that will help you with upgrading your gun, including the ability to add various optical sights, clips, etc. Deer Hunter is an action game in which you will have the opportunity to hunt for many species of animals of different sizes. This is one of the best hunting simulators for Android.