Deer Hunter Classic 3.9.0

download Deer Hunter Classic 3.9.0 for free

Have you ever wanted to go on a real life hunt? Now it can be done without leaving home. All you need is to download Deer Hunter Classic and start learning the hunting craft. Deer Hunter Classic is an updated version of the popular mobile game, which was released in 2014. Now fans of the realistic simulator can discover new locations for hunting, get access to richer arsenal and more than hundred animal species. Three-dimensional graphics and high-quality soundtrack will allow you to completely immerse in the process of hunting. Adventures on five continents are waiting for you. You can learn how to track prey in the most extreme conditions: from ice deserts to hot jungles, from stony steppes to dense forests. Each successfully passed level brings new bonuses to the player. Earned money can be spent on the purchase of modern equipment. Improve your skills and expand your arsenal to gain access to new interesting tasks. Feel the adrenaline rush while completing the most dangerous missions. Hunting for wild predators will require maximum concentration and accuracy. Otherwise, roles can change in the blink of an eye. Hit the target until you have turned into the prey for an angry animal. The game will teach you to look around in the terrain, orient yourself in unfamiliar surroundings and quickly respond to the threat. You can get in your arsenal the best samples of modern hunting weapons and accessories to it. Spend your earned money to improve your arsenal and with its help achieve outstanding results. Tell the world about your progress. The fact that you successfully completed extreme levels should not go unnoticed. Write down your name into world rankings by collecting the maximum number of points for each task. Collect all the trophies for the best hunters. Share your impressions with your friends. Try multiplayer mode to find out which of you is the best hunter. You can also join your forces in order to complete the most dangerous missions. Download Deer Hunter Classic 3.9.0 to your mobile device and start your adventures in the wilderness.

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