Defend The Bunker 4.0

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Defend the Bunker on Android refers to the popular genre of tower defense. This mobile game offers a refined gameplay with several original elements. Add to this combo the quality graphics and you will get an excellent addictive game that takes a lot of your time. Actually, this game is a very successful tower defense. There is a large number of levels, each one has its own separate location. But the stages are pretty simple, almost in the form of a straight line. But after a few levels, the real fun begins. The levels become trickier, and your opponent has much more opportunities for a breakthrough. A typical level looks like this. There is a wide road through where tanks can move in two rows, leading straight to your bunker that must be protected. This way is fenced on both sides by thick and solid walls, with a variety of defensive weapons, such as turrets, machine guns and rocket launchers. The graphics in the game are excellent and detailed. This is very great game!