Demon Hunter 4 Riddles of Light

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Do you like mystery games that include various puzzles? This time is it all about riddles of light and you have to take a journey into the heart of ancient ruins of Egypt. This time Dawn Ashmoore was captured by the forces of darkness and it’s up to her niece Lila to uncover all the mysteries and free her relative.

Your goal is to manage all riddles in time in order to save aunt Dawn. As if ancient Egypt wasn’t mysterious enough, now Lila has to come to the rescue and explore ancient ruins. Are you also fond of riddles? It is a game where you will have to put your skills to good use. Go against Seth, an ancient God!

Demon hunters are very important for the world and if the last of them dies, then the world will come to an end. The burden of saving the world lies on your shoulders and you will have to go through different puzzles and riddles. This entertaining game features the Gods of Egypt and you will be able to learn more about them and the history of Egypt in general.

Defeat ancient demons on your way to victory! You will have to uncover the secrets behind the light and fight the dark forces. Precious artifacts will have to be collected in order to progress through the game. Your mobile device will become a home for entertaining and addictive games!

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