Dice Brawl 1.2.3

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Would you like to take part in adventures which feature pirates, elves, different beats and dragons? This is possible with Dice Brawl. You will be able to put together a team of 5 sailors and embark into this world of fantasy. The rules of the game are quite simple: you have to throw the dice and move in a circle. Installing towers for offence or protection is the crucial element of the game.

Dice Brawl

The strategy you choose will be very important here, so think carefully on who you would like to see on your team. Matches will not only be held against the game’s AI, but, also, against real players as well! The more points you get by defeating your opponents the bigger your rewards at the end of the match will be. This game is filled with all kinds of strange creatures and you only have your trustful team by your side. Be the perfect captain for your team and lead it to victory!

Dice Brawl

There is no place for weak here. Create your own team and upgrade it in the process. This will make it stronger and more competitive in further battles. Explore this incredible world and fight with unique and powerful bosses. Your playing style should be really efficient if you want to succeed. Use the strategic elements that are available for you!