Dream League Soccer 2017 4.15

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Dream League Soccer (DLS) 2017 is one of the top division of virtual soccer games, such as Konami’s PES 2017, EA Sports’ FIFA 16. This continuation of the DLS 2016 is the only FIFA-exclusive game that is licensed by FIFPro. This license allows you to use surnames, nicknames, faces of players with world fame. DLS 2017 was created in the same format as BTT 17. You have take to the team a players, create a new team and win in the football leagues from the lowest to the highest. The player is given the widest choice of command settings: you can change the logo, uniform, composition, name, etc. Dream League Soccer 2017 4.15 performed quite modestly in terms of computer graphics, compared to FIFA 16. For example, in the DLS 17 players face not too similar to their prototypes. Also, the place for the games of your team will not be several at the choice of stadiums, but only one specially created for your team. Plus DLS 17 is you will be able to play not in a simulator, but in a game with real game characters that have prototypes. It is also important you can increase the playing time to 10 min. Connecting to the Internet is not required for the DLS 17. Of course, this does not apply to the DLS Online mode. DLS 2017 has several camera modes, and a convenient auto-play option. The control icons on the screen look large and understandable. The controls on the screen are large and quite intuitive. You do not need an active connection for DLS 2017. Even a mobile window for yourсhange player in team works offline. Also, you can uniquely uniform the team member and upload your own variations of the uniform. There are 7 locations for the sake of cup tournaments. More accurately and resolutely develop the skill of their players in DLS 2017. Enjoy the original music from Sunset Sons. DLS 17 is ideal for many fans of virtual football for entertainment and functionality. It run without connecting to the Internet, it takes up 326 MB after installation. DLS 2017 offers a game with real and famous players. It’s a forceful side of game. It’s a forceful side of game.