Dream League Soccer 2018

Dream League Soccer is a game that features the Queen of all sports in which you have to bring your team to the ultimate victory. The player has to begin with the lowest league, which consists of teams from all over Europe. At the start of the game you will need to come up with a name for your team, choose the design of the form and decide on the captain. When everything is ready, you can start playing in your league against low-level teams.

To move up, you will need to gain more and more victories over teams of your opponents. You will have the opportunity to manage various aspects of the team: improve the stadium, test new strategies and check the statistics of the starting lineup. Every single aspect is able to influence the end result of the matches, so building a decent strategy for the game will be your primary goal. But the real fun begins when you switch to the game simulator.

You will have only three buttons: pass, kick and transfer of the ball to the center of the penalty area and this are more than enough for a comfortable game. Thanks to all these options you can make a defense wall, make long passes, drive the ball across the field, throw the ball towards the goalkeeper or through the whole field and all of that is thanks to these three buttons that make it possible for you to experience realistic football.

This game is a terrific football game for Android with fascinating gameplay, good graphics and a lot of famous teams and players. Not everybody has the chance to experience football on a real sports field, but there are so many fans of this game in the world that a good simulator was bound to appear. By having this awesome substitute to the real game you can bet on the enjoyment that you’ll get from this installment.

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