Drive Ahead!

Drive Ahead is an intense racing game that is based on realistic laws of physics. Here you have to traverse the stadium and smash into the vehicle of your rival. This game features pixilated graphics and you will have to control different cars, from sports cars to trucks and excavators. Sit behind the steering wheel of your vehicle and do all that’s possible to impose permanent damage to your adversary while avoiding problematic traps and obstructions.

Succeed in races and obtain the chance to purchase new cars. Put together your own unique selection of different cars. Have fun with your pals on the same stadium and show who the boss is by climbing high on the leaderboard. This game is a gladiatorial brawl, only with cars. Earn points by knocking off the head of your enemies. Use different cars to win in these cruel battles. Each car has its pros and cons! You have 4 game modes available to play. Enjoy it with a buddy on the same gadget, or on two different devices via wireless connection!

Unlock brand new racing stadiums, performing tasks in single-player mode, and get prizes! How long will you manage to hold the title of the best racer in these thematic arenas? Do you want to be the new Superstar of Drive Ahead? Share the best recording of your battles within the Superstar Stadium and use the opportunity to show off your game, visible to everyone who’s playing! In the ‘Football’ mode, you score goals by hitting the ball with your vehicle!

Set up individual matches or choose a random mode for duel-surprises! Will you succeed in defeating the monster track on the mini-map? The game of hide and seek will not help! The regime of sudden death introduces circular saws, intense fire and floods. The only way to stay alive is to attack! Gather credits and utilize them in casino gambling machines to gain access to a whole bunch of cars and new stadiums!

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