Drive Ahead! 1.57

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Drive Ahead! is a savage battle on gladiatorial cars. Smash the enemy to smithereens. You have a whole set of wheelbarrows, from monsters-truck to alien UFOs for this! You completely immerse yourself in the game, smashing the helmets of opponents on hundreds of clunkers on hundreds of levels. These levels are filled with nightmarish crash, critters and mechanisms! Fulfill the game missions in the stadiums, teeming with dinosaurs, aliens and robots! Destroy to the wreckage, become the King of the Mountain and conquer the Arena of Superstars! Modes. There are 4 game modes in Drive Ahead! You can fight your opponents in game mode for two on the same device or in local multiplayer mode on WiFi! Ride forward on arenas on all-terrain vehicles, garbage trucks, bolides Formula-1 and racing wheelbarrows. Each car has its pros and cons. You can play directly with your barrow in motofootball. A giant soccer ball is used for this. You can find out who is stronger in the football mode without many shambles. Capabilities. Do you want to become the real Superstar Drive Ahead! Publish the best repeat from the Superstar Stadium, participate in the contest of videos! Collect many credits in the Casino and get access to a bunch of new wheelbarrows, helmets and locations right during the game! It became very interesting to collect now! Receive and master the Helmets, Cars and Arenas in your Collection! Assemble necessary details from scrap metal! Free coins can be obtained by casting lots and looking at ads. New Prizewinning machine in Drive Ahead! gives out prizes guaranteed with every new spin! Fit fights for yourself or give yourself up to fortune to win brutal matches against randomly selected opponents! Try to defeat a powerful monster-truck with the help of a racing kart! Running away is meaningless: the game of hide-and-seek will not save. If you avoid the battle, you will find Sudden Death in the form of saw blades, walls of fire and turbulent flows! The only way to survive is to fight without compromise, to attack ahead!