Dust and Salt

Participate in the events set in the medieval times together with an army in a world filled with power hungry Lords. This rich world will be affected by every decision you make. Your goal is to decide what whether you will be destroying the oppressors or become an oppressor yourself.

The story text will accompany you and inform of everything that’s going on in this world. This is a non-linear story that follows well developed characters. Lead your troops into battle and make sure that your strategy is well put together because if you fail then the story may go not exactly as you have planned.

Enjoy the really neat graphics with an amazing level of detail. The soundtrack also occupies a central part of the game since it enhances the story and action to a whole different level. Remember that every choice counts and the story may develop in a completely dramatic and unexpected way.

Think of tactics and develop a winning strategy when you have to battle your enemy, send your troops to win battles for you. Well written dialogue will add to the amazing atmosphere of a medieval era. Your map allows you to zoom in and experience every moment of battle and other interactions in great detail.

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