Earn to Die 2 1.3

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The zombie end of the world is here and you must be prepared for the confrontation! A powerful vehicle will help you get through this zombie madness in no time! Your driving skills will be the crucial ability in order to stay alive. The most popular series of online games has been completely redesigned to suit your mobile device. It has become much longer and more excellent in every aspect! You find yourself in the wasteland surrounded by an army of the undead. All you have at your disposal is an old car and a little cash. The goal of the game is pretty straightforward – to break through the crowds of the undead and make it out alive! Choose the best from the world of 2D racing, cars and upgrades.

Earn to Die 2

In this game, you will not only have to make your way through the crowds of the undead, but also earn money for upgrading, unlocking and purchasing new automobiles. Do you think that you car is powerful enough? The player has the possibility to add a machine gun, boosters and even a spiked construction to it. This game features outstanding graphics even for mobile devices thanks to realistic ragdoll physics engine. Send the zombies flying after you crash into a crowd of them in full speed! The player can choose from a total of 8 vehicles that include a truck, sports car and even a school bus! The terrain isn’t easy to navigate on and you’ll have to make good use of that extra horse power under your hood.

Earn to Die 2

Upgrading the car won’t present any difficulties and you’ll be able to progress more efficiently through the levels. Prepare to engage zombies with the bumper of your car, they don’t want you to leave them and will probably crave for your brain even more, but rest assured because your trustful car will get you out of the desert! The pure enjoyment is guaranteed through the course of really awesome animated scenes.