Earn to Die 2 1.3

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Are you ready to drive the car as if your life depends on it? Lay your way through the crowd of zombies! Earn to Die is an unconditional hit among mobile games, which was downloaded over 200 million times. You are stuck in the desert, surrounded by zombies. A seedy car and a small amount of cash is all that is at your disposal. Your mission in the game is Earn to Die – drive through the hordes of zombies to. stay alive! The name of the game “Earn To Die” is very accurate and provocative. The game can boast a very decent gameplay and user-friendly controls. In fact, the gameplay is not just decent, it’ s what causes “addiction”. The car’s improving will occupy not a little time for the majority of new players. The veterans of a genre at once will see all potential of game. There are many ways to go through this game. The choice depends on the order in which you will buy updates for your car. One way or another you will pass the game, completely improving your car. But the main question: for how many days you will succeed. Each attempt to overcome 3000 kilometers of sandy terrain dotted with zombies will take you a whole day of play. The number of days, that you take this path, is essentially the amount of your attempts. It must be remembered the game Earn To Die has a restart function. That is, you can already be in the middle, and then randomly get into the swamp. Either you accidentally spend the entire stock of the accelerator, spend a lot of time traveling through the bodies of zombies, get stuck somewhere. There are a lot of things can prevent you from driving a good distance. In order to take full advantage of the opportunity to earn on each trip, use the restart function. Of course, it will take a lot of time. But, if you intend to go through the game for the minimum number of days, this is the most important thing. In addition, the restart function allows learn the management of beginners, without spending the first few days. If everything is done correctly, as some say already on the 8th day you can buy a second-level car.