Eden Renaissance 1.1

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Eden: Renaissance is an exciting game that is set in an extraordinary world, where the player will witness a rich story take place. You play as Ran, a young archeologist, who joins the golem Eden in his special mission. They embark on a journey to find their purpose in saving the world. This thrilling puzzle-adventure will require a lot skills and motivation to uncover the golem’s skills and unleash the power of the Elements! Many interesting puzzles and various adventures are waiting for those, who are not afraid to respond to this challenge. The game consists of 100 unique puzzles and 7 beautiful environments. You’ll appreciate the visuals and smoothness of the gameplay. An incredible number of mechanics will make it so much more fun to explore! You have 2 characters that work very well in a tandem. Eden: Renaissance will present its story elements through well-illustrated cut-scenes that will immerse you into this world of endless possibilities for fun! You also have the possibility to unlock 9 totally different outfits. All you have to do is collect the hidden items, and there are plenty of those hidden in the game. This mini-game is a real treasure for those who enjoy puzzle adventures!

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