Escape the Hellevator! 24

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Escape the Hellevator! for Android resembles the logical game The Room. Passing through the dark memories, you must get out of the infernal elevator, endlessly falling into the abyss. A half-dead patient is taken by a nurse in an elevator in the hope of finding a doctor. But, instead he finds a demon reincarnated as a priest. How many terrible memories did our mind save? How many dark deeds are behind the patient’s back? In total, there are 7 mini-games with their plots and puzzles to solve. In the first training mission, you need to stop the falling elevator. Use the surrounding objects. The game really reminds The Room, where in unusual rooms you must solve sophisticated puzzles, and each corner was filled with secrets and mystical images. Everything is much simpler. There are no mystical hiding places and unusual mysteries. The main thing is to find all objects and guess what and where to use. Everything is simple enough, but sometimes difficult tasks also come across. Escape the Hellevator! is a great puzzle for all fans of difficult quests.