Fallout Shelter 1.13.5

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You know what they say about war… it messed all things altogether. However, new hope blossoms, vault-tec providing a great experiment. You are chosen overseer – guide your people over dark times. Game Features: Become Overseer, build-up and develop you own Fallout Shelter: dig in mountains, maintain power, caps and avoid nasty troubles; Make society great again. Under your benevolent rule, your underground complex will fill with vault dwellers. Can you collect the rarest and most skillful wasteland wanderers? Explore dead old world and get some of it treasures. Your explorers will take quests, fight mutants and have a nice time in deadly, radiation filled and amazing setting; Craft, open lunchboxes, breed your dwellers, constantly fight with rad-roaches, drink nuka-cola, watch for your subjects mood and thouts, control, explore and have fun! Now, you are overseer. Your task is to manage shelter, lighting a way through post-apocalytic retroscientific setting of Fallout Universe. Your realm is not a simple bunker, but a vast underground complex, which supports dwellers (citizens) with all necessary needs. It’s dividing to various rooms, some of them helping your subjects to develop, some provides you with energy or satisfying the needs of population. Here you will see the life in all of its surviving greatness. The citizens of your vault is called dwellers. They perform all the routine tasks and you need to carefully watch them for their own sake and greater good. They have S.P.E.C.I.A. L. stats, which give a potential to various kind of works and inventory, here you can place some deadly and bulky things to help exploring the wasteland. Expeditions is needed to get some cups and equipment in generic way, but watch for character hitpoints, its dangerous thing to do. FS is mix of strategy management and casual game and it have some RPG elements. Normally, It is meant to be played in long pace cycles (time between expeditions) and have slow crawling progress. Some of you, probably, don’t want to wait for such a long time, so we prepared a cup mod. You can freely download Fallout Shelter and get an original version, along with cheat pack for cups and nuka-cola.

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