Fallout Shelter 1.13.11

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Fallout Shelter offers you the chance to be in control of an advanced underground cover. Construct an enhanced shelter; create all the conditions in order to make its population feel happy. Defend these brave people from the dangers of the deserted land. Your goal is to create a perfect asylum for those who need it. Build a better future in this shelter! Select modern interior solutions and gradually transform these endless caves into a wonderful underground home. Create a community of healthy and intelligent people. Find out about their needs and provide them with everything they need. Assign each of them a fitting occupation, offer them clothing and weapons, train them in order to survive.

Fallout Shelter

Perfect opportunities and prosperous relations should be considered. Experts with various skills are required in a first-class shelter. Assemble a radio station to draw new inhabitants. Involve yourself actively in the personal lives of your people – create happy couples and help their relationship grow! You should try and expend your territories. Send exploration teams to the surface and see what’s going on in the burned desert land above you. There is only one way to find out whether you find danger or an exciting adventure.

Fallout Shelter

You can find useful items or sudden death; there is no way to predict the outcome. Search for new armor and weapons, increase your experience and earn points! Above all, do not let your people die! Protect your shelter at all costs; your mission is to make everything that stands in your power to develop it into a comfortable home for survivors. From time to time the perfect existence in the refuge can be interrupted by the dangers created by the nuclear disaster. Shelter seekers should be prepared to protect their habitat from dangers that are coming from outside or from within.