Fencing Swordplay 3D 1.4

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Fencing Swordplay 3D is a very accurate representation of this sport. You have the chance to take part in a tournament, where your skills and speed of reactions is basically all that matters. Use various moves and blocks to defeat your opponent. Become the champion of sword fencing by defeating everybody who stands between you and the desired prize. Here you can find more than ten different fencing techniques, each of which has its distinctive advantage and function features, including the possibility to block the opponent’s attacks.

Fencing Swordplay 3D

Customize your character with individual costumes. This will allow you to create a distinct look for your character. Greater strengths and skills may be achieved by a constant training and by challenging other players around the world. Realistic looking characters and locations will allow you to experience what it is like to be a participant in these international competitions!

Fencing Swordplay 3D

Use all the techniques available to conquer new heights and advance in tournaments. These tournaments will be held in countries like the USA, Great Britain, India, Egypt, Russia, Australia and France! The animation here is really neat and offers a realistic experience. Enjoy the atmosphere and awesome costumes. Get big rewards for win and progress even further!