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The story tells about a big catastrophic event that eventually divided the world into two parts. This all happened in the Ancient Era, when the magic was at its peak. Now that the world was divided into West and East it entered a period of conflicts and confrontations.

Join this incredible adventure game featuring numerous characters of different races and from different eras. Combine the strength of your heroes in order to defeat the most powerful enemies. A dynamic gameplay will offer you an unforgettable experience right on your mobile device. Play this brand new story that is set in the world of Final Fantasy.

You will have to travel through time, because this is the only alternative you have to save the world. Use special abilities in combination with a smart strategy to battle different monsters. Special Crystals will help you on your journey. You can equip your characters and acquire the powers of beasts from different monsters of the FF series.

Incredible graphics and well-thought story beats will keep you company all the way through the Final Fantasy Dimensions II. A whole new set of adventures are waiting for everyone who is worthy to get in a fight with giant fantastic beasts.

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