Five Nights at Freddys 1.85

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Release “Five Nights at Freddy’ s” at 2014 year was a great event for fans of the genre of horror. This game was adapted for Android at once. The product was developed by Scott Coulton. There are many games of this style, however, this “horror story” could attract the attention of fans of mysticism and horror. The plot of this product depicts the working life of the night guard of small pizzeria “Freddy Fazbear’ s Pizza” within five days. Visitors to the cafe are entertained by animatronic robots when the pizzeria is open. These robots are left in a free mode at night, because there is a danger of blockage and failure. Therefore, it is better not to meet with them. They will try to shove a person into the Freddie bear’s suit, which will inevitably lead to his death. We will be hindered by four robots: Bonnie, Chica, Foxy and Freddie himself. Everyone moves on his own route from stage to office. Everyone has his own habits. What is happening is absolutely unpredictable. You can find the correct line of behavior only on your own mistakes. You can focus only on the general principles of the actions of enemies. How to play in Five Nights at Freddy’ s? The security guard (player) looks at the pizzeria from the security room behind the cameras. He watches the hostile robots so that they do not enter his room. The player has a limited amount of energy for viewing CCTV cameras, turning on lights in the corridors, controlling the doors. Energy is wasted even when you do not look at the monitor, and all the doors are open. The player must use the camera to determine the location of the robots-animatronics, highlight the corridor for the presence of animatronics and close the doors if they are standing around. If you do not comply with conditions, the enemies will get to your office and kill it by thrusting into the suit of Freddy Bear. Every night the security guard needs to survive from 12 am to 6 am (12 am – 6 am) in the morning (8 min. 36 sec. on real time). Present an expanded version of “5 Nights at Freddy’ s”. There is a large map and even more animatronics and objects.

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