Five Nights at Freddys 1.85

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The game takes place in 1993 (in recent versions, the year is listed as XXX). The main character, Mike Schmidt, got a job as a night guard at the pizzeria. The voice messages sent to Mike by his predecessor explain that the animatronics used in the restaurant are able to move freely at night, since their servers will be blocked when they are long disconnected. He also mentions that they are no longer allowed to walk around the pizzeria during the day because of the so-called “Bite 87”, during which the animatronics bitten the boy’s frontal lobe of the brain.

Five Nights at Freddys

The employee also warns the player that if one of the robots notices a human being, he will perceive him as an endoskeleton (a mechanical support that serves as a skeleton for animal costumes) or otherwise – an unfinished animatronic, and try to force him into Freddy Fazbear’s suit that will crush an endoskeleton. The game has a timer by which you can monitor how much time you have left. The player has to survive from 12 o’clock till 6 am (4 minutes 56 seconds on android-versions). Mike Schmidt, unlike the characters of most horror games, cannot leave his room.

Five Nights at Freddys

The player is just able to shut the doors closed and switch on the light in the hallway to verify for animatronics and follow them through security cameras. The game has an power meter. The most favorable power use is 16.6% per one game hour. If the energy stops running, then the equipment and lighting in the pizzeria will stop working, after a few seconds the backup power will turn on. This isn’t good news because The Bullfighters March will play and Freddy will appear. After the music stops playing, and the backup power turns off, Freddy will attack the player and kill him, while the screamer pops out (the face of the character with a loud noise).