Flick Golf Extreme 1.2

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Flick Golf Extreme is a great golf for Android smartphones. It has a good control, interesting gameplay and amazing 3D graphics. It is worth noting the perfect optimization of the game: it goes well even on the weakest devices. And this despite having an impressive graphics for smartphones! It is important to know that Flick Golf Extreme is unlikely to appeal to professional golf lovers: the rules in this game are not classical, they are changed for the sake of interesting gameplay. Flick Golf Extreme is the craziest sport you can imagine. In addition, let the golf is rightfully considered a game for wealthy people. Moreover, the game atmosphere here is completely different, since you control the stick, with just one touch to the touchscreen! Monitor the impact force and the flight path, with light gestures, and then observe where the ball will hit. After all, you have colorful nature around you, with a unique landscape and cover. Depending on the map, you will see endless meadows, rough waterfalls, impassable woods, viscous bogs and many other landscapes.