Flip Diving 2.8.8

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Have you ever tried flip ding in real life? We recommend you start with the game to exclude any risks of injuring yourself in the process. It is a sight to be seen. These kinds of jumps cause incredible emotions for the spectators. You can participate directly in this sort of sports events. The payer becomes a part of the show where he can be awarded many prizes for the most incredible jumps. Extreme water jumping even formed the basis for a special championship, where you can also take part and become a real champion. Upgrade your skills and unlock various equipment items that will make your jumps even cooler and more spectacular. The top cliff diving game is now available for your mobile device! Perform Frontflips, Backflips and other difficult tricks from high cliffs, rickety platforms, trees, castles, and trampolines! You have the possibility to choose from different divers, and gradually uncover brand new tricks and moves. Be sure to avoid the rocks and make a perfect entry into the water! Providing well-known realistic ragdoll physics, Flip Diving is the most complete diving experience ever created! Don’t miss your chance to try your hand at this entertaining game and share your results with friends.

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